Saturday, October 23, 2004

Fahrenheit 9/11

I just watched the movie for the 2nd time, and it makes me so angry and more than a little sad that many projections are predicting a victory for Bush in the coming election, despite all the horrible lies the world is told everyday. I know talking politics is a bit of a touchy topic for some people, and many people have a deeply personal attachment to their political views, but I think that is all the more reason for making it public discourse.
During the movie, Moore at one point says "America is a great country, at which point someone else watching with me said "Do you really think he loves America?" That got me thinking...of course he does, but the prevailing view today especially in the US seems to be that to question political decisions or be opposed to the direction being taken is seen as un-American. I'd argue that the very people who are willing to stand up and have their voices of opposition heard are the true lovers of their country, and American history is laden with true patriots who were willing to do so.
If Bush wins the election, reason will have lost out to weakness and fear. The US is in trouble regardless of who wins the election, but maybe something can be salvaged if the right choice is made. Iraq will not be won (if any war can) by the standards the US public attaches to the concept of victory, and the threat of terrorism has been exponentially increased. The likely reason there have been no new attacks on US soil is that Iraq is a far more convenient theatre for enemies of the US, having failed to secure borders, and angering much of the region with indiscriminate killings of civilians, torture, and failed promises. If the US forces return home, the threat will come home too. They cannot stay at current troop levels, having already implemented stop loss programs, and using large numbers of reserve troops. The idea of the draft has been raised during the presidential campaign, and although it has been denied as an option by the Republicans, I would be uncomfortable in my age demographic living in the US, especially with the Bush track record on lies. The next four years will be interesting times... and I hope history gets it right and places Bush as the beginning of the death of American empire.

Here's a nice little summary of some of Bush's follies, courtesy of 'The Nation'.


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