Monday, October 25, 2004

More than meets the eye...the Ashlee Simpson SNL slip-up

On Saturday Night Live, Ashlee Simpson screwed up during her second performance, and was quite clear there was an audio track playing she lip synched to. In a fair world, this would be a career ending moment. If I were a fan, I might be a little angry or disappointed, but that would be misdirected emotion. It is part of a growing trend of the acceptance of overproduced and undertalented performers being pushed in the recording industry's chase for dollars. Is anyone really surprised that she lip-syncs? Surely I'm not the only one who suspects Britney does the same? I think it's borderline fraud to have these 'artists' representing themselves as live performers, charging clueless tweens weeks of allowance for concert tickets and CDs. Why don't they just be honest and call their shows music accompanied dance numbers...
I feel bad for the artists with much more talent, but who didn't have the right look, or the right sister. Ultimately though, we only have ourselves as consumers to blame...for feeding an industry that sells lies to fans, and turns around and sues 12 year olds for being big enough fans to download their songs.


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