Monday, November 22, 2004

Stockwell Day is an assclown

Leave it to wonderboy off the SeaDoo to pull something like this...spreading rumours that the late Arafat died of AIDS. First, you just don't do that unless you have concrete proof beyond tight-lipped medical professionals to anyone, let alone a figurehead like Arafat. He means different things to different people, but political mudslinging about any dead man is cowardly since he clearly cannot retort, and plain stupid because it is likely a false accusation easy to expose. And of all the people to parrot...David Frum? No further comment.


Tuesday, November 16, 2004

I'm back, sort of

I finished Halo 2 with my roommate the other day...awesome game, albeit short in the campaign mode. Multiplayer modes are still incredible. The Goodfoot show at the Wits End on Friday was hopping, and there was a really good turnout. They got an invite to come back again and play on January 1st.

Not too much else new...saw The Incredibles on Sunday, which was a great movie. Saw it in good company too, which definitely helps. Other than that, I'm working fairly regularly which will help with the bills. Yeah...exciting post.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Today is a day for nerds to rejoice...

Halo 2 is amazing...the lines last night were ridiculous! A tip for Electronics Boutique next time: don't mix the prepaid customers with the trade-ins...make a line for the full pre-paid to make it faster. Got out of the mall at 3 am...but it was fun. Had some company for the wait, and I know I wouldn't have stayed if they weren't there.

Also, Firefox 1.0 is out today. In case you haven't heard, it's a new browser that is open-source and is challenging (and to me beating) IE as king shit of browsers. It's well on it's way to being the standard, and hopefully it dethrones IE. Get yours here if you have BitTorrent, or click the nifty button I plan on adding to the sidebar if you need to get it the standard way.

Monday, November 08, 2004

Halo 2 Drops tonight at 12:01am

One of the most highly anticipated videogame releases of the year comes out tonight (officially, it's been pirated and some copies sold on Ebay). 1.5 million preorders sold by earlier last week....The local EB is open at midnight to sell preorders, and I'll be there. The reviews have been decent for the single player campaign, but I'm buying it for the multiplayer, which should be amazing. I'm going to pick up a years Xbox Live sub, and a network cable to connect to the router, and it's off to the races...

Here's a good thread [/.] covering Halo 2.

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Come out next Friday....

I'm shamelessly plugging my roommate's band 'Goodfoot' that has a gig next Friday (12th) at the Wits End here in London. If you can come out, please'll be a good time, and hopefully it will become a regular thing for them.

I have a few days off, which in a way is nice because I can get stuff sorted out for grad school applications, and do more mundane things like cleaning my room and laundry. On the otherhand, hard to earn hourly wages when you aren't at work...there's always a tradeoff.

If you're a fan of metal music, make sure you give Unearth a band around right now in my opinion.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

The Grudge

I just got back from watching 'The Grudge'. I was a bit sceptical that a PG-13 movie would be scary, especially when 'Saw' was also playing, but I had faith in a few reviews I had read. I've never had goosebumps while watching a movie before, and this one did it...the sound and crescendos leading up to scary moments are done really well. Here's hoping I don't have any bad dreams...

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

In the balance

EDIT: Bush won. He and his administration lied, tortured, is in bed with Haliburton and the Carlyle Group, skipped out on his military duties...and the majority of the US approves. It's a sad day.

I'm writing this article in front of the TV, watching the pie charts slowly creep on CNN for the presidential candidates. I've followed elections before, and I tend to get a bit tense, but I get the sensation that this election is the most crucial I've ever followed. I'm going to preface what I say by pointing out that I am sympathetic for the families and victims of terrorism, as I am also sympathetic to the citizens of Iraq. In political theory, democratic government is rule by the people; by casting votes for a favorite candidate you are giving consent for them to act on your behalf. While obviously the end result of an election is the desire of the majority, and those voting for unsuccessful candidates are carried along. I will also be sympathetic towards Democrat voters in the US should Bush win, and if Kerry wins, I hope that one day the unsuccessful republicans realize how lucky they are. One glaring issue that recieves little coverage in US media which other nations would describe as obvious, is the dangerous foreign policy direction that the Bush administration has pursued. The preemptive attack on Iraq (irrespective of the false premises of threat provided) is a drastic and dangerous shift in global politics. Imagine if this approach had been used during the Cold War...both sides were clearly threatening one another, with actual (not imaginary) WMDs pointed at one another. Using a preemptive doctrine, both sides would have been entirely justified attacking the other, and the result would have been total annihilation for both.

It is arrogance to apply a preemptive strike policy and not expect or allow other nations to do the same. To do otherwise would be essentially declaring a special status for the US, and as powerful as the US military may be, the difficulties it faces in Iraq show that the US is incapable of global dominance. Don't forget, the US attacked Iraq after 12 years of Iraqi hardship under UN sanctions. The US would be hard pressed to find a weaker target. By forwarding a preemtive posture, the US threatens all countries. After all, if it could happen to Iraq, why not another country?

The end result of the occupation of Iraq is that the terms of the war on terrorism have been defined by the equating the insurgency in Iraq with the kind of terrorist threat that struck New York on 9/11, it would appear that the US has taken some positive steps in addressing the threat. However, I argue that this is not the case. Bin Laden has evaded capture, and has been able to communicate several times. The US has not concocted a strategy to fight terrorism itself...which is largely ideologically driven, and that violent responses tends to futher.

Anyways, the point I was trying to make is that if Bush is elected and doesn't steal the White House this time, the majority of Americans will deserve the next four years.