Sunday, December 19, 2004

Imagine if the telephone companies had blocked the internet...

...because that is very similar to what the RIAA and MPAA (recording and movie trade groups) are pulling. Because they were caught offguard by a totally new and inexpensive distribution method for music and movies via the internet. And we're letting them do it. They lobby hard for laws that restrict consumer rights to the media they purchase, leading to talk of self destructing movie rentals, and software and music incapable of being backed up. Their clout allows them to stave off the effects of technology on the flow in information - namely how it should follow that it gets cheaper, and easier to distribute. Hell, with mp3, who needs a record company? Music could flow from studio straight to iTunes and their ilk, cutting out the middle man. That's progress...but lawyers will try their best to impede. Music piracy is the result of the industry failing to use the internet and new formats to their full potential, and sell the product at a cost representative of the most efficient methods of distribution. Movies are going along the same route...the movie industry wants to have it's cake and eat it too. In the last 20 years, there has been a big shift towards home theatres, and technology is beginning to rival the cinematic experience in the comfort of a room at home, without the kicked chairbacks, sticky floors, or annoying audience members. It's gone even further with encoding algorithms that allow full movies to be downloaded quickly, at little cost. Yet the movie industry hasn't gone anywhere near an online distribution model, which has the potential to be quite lucrative, with lowered costs (no physical media, just bandwidth) and a huge audience base. But instead, the movie industry only markets on the internet and sticks to its path towards obsolescence.

Fuck em. They just shut down and TorrentBits, the most popular BitTorrent linkdumps. But the cycle continues regardless of whether or not they care to look.


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