Saturday, January 29, 2005

Get your baseball bats ready...

I'm all for consumer freedom. I like that people can choose products that suit their needs (I'll get to why I italicized that in a moment) and in whatever colour they want. It's the people who think they ought to be able to buy whatever they want that I have a problem with. Minor extravagances like luxury cars and extra trim - sure, throw your money away.
But as soon as you want to buy something that in no way do you need, and has the real effect of harming other people or the environment, I get angry. I applaud those who will fight the introduction of the newest 'hip' vehicle, the International CXT. Apparently Ashton Kutcher has one (cementing his status as worlds biggest douchebag). So anyone who cares about the environment or is scared for their life because they don't do their morning commute in a tank (I guess you're out Ashton), pick up a baseball bat and do some cosmetic damage to one (but leave a note explainig why), or if you prefer the less fun but more civil route, write your local MP or MPP (congressperson for Yanks) and ask politely that these vehicles be banned.

UPDATE: While I haven't written my MP yet, I did submit this comment [link to screenshot] to International. I hope they have a snarky answer coming for me.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

There was a purpose to that...

Everytime I get sick, usually lying on my back in bed, staring at the wall or ceiling I invariably promise myself that I'll appreciate times of good health more. But then slowly I forget, or everyday life seems to become more routine, and my promise to myself is forgotten. Now I've written it down, and maybe looking back on posts once in a while will remind me of how great first day of feeling better after illness feels.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

I hate you chicken...

So I managed to give myself a mean case of food poisoning...or at least that's what I think it is. I spent the night before last barfing repeatedly, and my stomach has been reminding me of how much of a dumbass I was to have trusted the microwave with chicken meatballs. I'm feeling significantly better now, but I'm still weak, and have weird muscle aches. Almost enough to make a vegitarian out of me. Almost.

Monday, January 17, 2005

iPod shuffle

I'm at home until Wednesday, and things are fairly quiet. I spent this afternoon with my parents chopping wood and stacking it in the bush. I'm beginning to realize how much I miss high speed internet. It sounds pathetic, but I have trouble without it. I helped my parents with some scanner drivers, which were a 55 mb download, which took 5 hours. As soon as something other than satellite is available out here, I'm going to make sure they sign up.

The new iPod Shuffle looks really cool. I just might have to get one. I'll go through my thought process for you. I've always liked the iPod products, but have had a hard time justifying the expense of a device I'd have to protect while doing anything physical. I also would never need to listen to all the songs on a standard iPod in one sitting, and could live with 12 albums to choose between at a time on a shuffle. Another interesting idea for filling the shuffle came from a forum I read, regarding using smart playlists.

"a way to make a good, random mix every time: it involves using 3 smart
playlists feeding into a 4th. Here's the breakdown for a 512MB iPod,
double the MB counts for a 1GB player....

#1 350 megs of the most-played music
(these are your favorite tracks)

#2 125 megs of tracks NOT played in the last 2 days, NOT from list 1
OR 3, selected by most often played
(these are tracks you know you like, but haven't heard in a few days,
to keep things fresh)

#3 40 megs of never before played tracks
(this is new stuff, for fun)

#4 all tracks from 1, 2, 3
(this is the final mix you listen to, or set the iPod to autofill
from, with a little extra space for files or must-have tracks)"


Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Cellular telcos and Palm can go to next handheld is going to be Windows CE based

A new hack for the Treo 650 has just proved that Palm cripples it's hardware for cellular companies afraid of losing out to unregulated VoIP using WiFi. I found something similar when I got a new cell phone from Bell, a nokia 6585, that is (uncrippled) capable of downloading ringtones and java applications over an irda connection, but actually can't, since Bell wants to make some more money selling their crappy tones and programs. It makes me really angry when companies make screwing customers part of their business model.

So for my next handheld (which I can't justify now) I'll get a Pocket PC device, with WiFi, and use Skype for VoIP, while waving my middle finger at both Bell and Palm.

To read more about this, check out this Slashdot thread.