Monday, January 17, 2005

iPod shuffle

I'm at home until Wednesday, and things are fairly quiet. I spent this afternoon with my parents chopping wood and stacking it in the bush. I'm beginning to realize how much I miss high speed internet. It sounds pathetic, but I have trouble without it. I helped my parents with some scanner drivers, which were a 55 mb download, which took 5 hours. As soon as something other than satellite is available out here, I'm going to make sure they sign up.

The new iPod Shuffle looks really cool. I just might have to get one. I'll go through my thought process for you. I've always liked the iPod products, but have had a hard time justifying the expense of a device I'd have to protect while doing anything physical. I also would never need to listen to all the songs on a standard iPod in one sitting, and could live with 12 albums to choose between at a time on a shuffle. Another interesting idea for filling the shuffle came from a forum I read, regarding using smart playlists.

"a way to make a good, random mix every time: it involves using 3 smart
playlists feeding into a 4th. Here's the breakdown for a 512MB iPod,
double the MB counts for a 1GB player....

#1 350 megs of the most-played music
(these are your favorite tracks)

#2 125 megs of tracks NOT played in the last 2 days, NOT from list 1
OR 3, selected by most often played
(these are tracks you know you like, but haven't heard in a few days,
to keep things fresh)

#3 40 megs of never before played tracks
(this is new stuff, for fun)

#4 all tracks from 1, 2, 3
(this is the final mix you listen to, or set the iPod to autofill
from, with a little extra space for files or must-have tracks)"



Anonymous Anonymous said...

polissshhhh dave.

ya i'm thinking of getting a shuffle too!! it's the most memory for your dollar... but i kinda want a LCD screen too =P.. i guess you can't have everything.

check it out at the campus bookstore because they get educational pricing..

lemme know if you end up getting one.

8:26 PM  

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