Sunday, February 27, 2005

Apple should have more customers

Working in the tech department for a major PC retailer makes me wonder everyday why Macs aren't more popular. I'd say 90% of the computers I see are spyware or virus riddled, and the users have little or no knowledge of how to prevent it from reoccurring. Another frustration is that our pricing structure doesn't have a complete prevention option, where spyware gets removed, and then we make sure software is installed and patched so it doesn't happen again. For instance, I did a complete reinstall of XP on a desktop the other day, and it was clean going out the door. The next day, it came back with popups and since we have a 30 day guarantee on our services, we provide service free again. So, I'll likely throw on a MS AntiSpyware Beta, and a free copy of ZoneAlarm set to lock everything down, and XP service pack 2. All these things are services that we are supposed to charge for, but I don't want an angry (however illinformed) customer coming back yet again. And people don't understand (and then reflect their anger at us tech folks) that computers aren't necessarily secure out of the box. Be nice to your tech person. If they're family, feed them or give them a case of beer. Or consider getting a Mac if you are not willing to put in the [significant] effort in running a somewhat secure Windows machine. It will make things simpler for both of us.


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