Sunday, March 13, 2005

New Shredder

Yesterday I went to RadioShack and bought a shredder, one that I think makes sense for even the most limited of budgets, and has some cool features that the more expensive ones at office supply stores often don't. It's hand crank operated, but a little exercise never hurts, there's no motor to burn out, and for the limited amounts of shedding I need to do, it's fine. It also does crosscut shredding, which makes smaller pieces and thus more secure. One of it's coolest features is how it shreds CDs. It only cuts them into 3 pieces, but I'm not that paranoid that someone would go to the lengths required to assemble the data again. It has a credit card sized slot for shredding credit cards, but I haven't tried that one out yet. Overall, it's the perfect size for sitting on your lap in front of the TV and shredding during downtime. Probably one of the best $30 I've ever spent.


Here's a picture of the shredder I picked up the other day. It's pretty handy, and it was even featured on Engadget, a cool gadget blog I visit once in a while.
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