Saturday, May 07, 2005

Score...score...and score.

So I now have two computer systems up and running on my desktop courtesy of some wasteful university students moving out of town. Over the span of a week, I inherited a Dell Optiplex GX100 Celeron 566, and a 14" monitor (which flickers once every few minutes, but it was free) and best of all, a HP Laserjet 1012 in perfect working condition. I'm typing this entry on it right now. All it took to get it up and running was a good dusting with a can of compressed air, a mouse and keyboard, and a Ethernet line from my aforementioned WRT54G. I installed ubuntu Linux which went over without a hitch, and now I can play around with Linux without threatening my primary computer. I hope to eventually use this machine as a fileserver and downloading machine, freeing up my laptop and putting less stress on it's hardware.

So, this is my public thanks to the 3 university students who couldn't be bothered to carry out their hardware on moveout day. It has benefited me greatly. If you are considering throwing out your hardware, be careful to wipe your hard drive. The desktop I inherited had a complete windows 2000 desktop on it, and aside from a cursory peek at the contents after which I wiped the drive, I didn't do anything. However, a more malicious person could have possibly garnered enough info for identity theft, or at least went to town with locally stored passwords. To prevent something like that happening to you, I highly recommend using Derrick's Boot and Nuke (DBAN) which as securely as possible (beyond physically grinding down your hard drive platters). Do it before you give away of sell any PC. And it's free (and easy to use!).