Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Did you get your the gun show!

On Saturday I went to the annual gun show at the arena in town, and it was quite the experience. Basically it's a bunch of basement gun dealers selling and trading guns. There were tables covered with guns and ammo, and people milling around checking out the wares. Politically (funny how I always come back to that isn't it?) it was very conservative (as in Alliance). There was a table at the door with two petitions, one to abolish gun control for long guns, and the second to lift a ban on using lead fishing tackle because there is no conclusive proof that it causes poisoning in fish or waterfoul. I can't believe people would try to lift that ban...even if it did no harm to the fish/birds, there are lots of people who have to work making the molten lead, and breathing the toxins in the process. Utterly selfish...and the sport fishing industry has not suffered because of the ban, as lure makers simply switched to different metals instead. Regression is our representative's main accomplishment, making issues out of non-issues (as above, and accusing liberals of wanting to ban the bible) and making anti-homosexual slurs in Parliament. Backwater at it's best.


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