Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Sorry for the caps in the title, but I'm getting a bit angry with the discussion I can hear clearly in the living room below my bedroom. Sound travels really well in this house. My father is meeting with his flyfishing club, and I guess they got a bit off track, because somehow they are discussing global warming, and one of them (not my Dad, I'll quickly point out) is arguing that global warming as caused by humans doesn't exist. I don't know what he does for a living, but he likely doesn't read, or follow any research developments, but all the G-8 nations have accepted that global warming is largely attributable to human cause. I really think it is high time that we (as in all of us, civilization) dismiss people who are holding us back from making progress in making concrete steps towards possible solutions and greenhouse gas reductions as tragic fools. Let's put them in the same category of people who argue that HIV doesn't lead to AIDS, and Holocaust deniers. At least if the majority of us who do accept that we may have something to do with climate change are wrong, we won't all die. I don't want to gamble on the lunatic fringe, and I think the game theory approach probably the best argument to counter someone who disputes the widely accepted scientific evidence.


Blogger Gregorison's Girl said...

doesn't that just tick you off? i deal with the same thing daily. the joys of living with the blind eyes and closed minds of people.

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