Saturday, September 10, 2005

This is it, stay tuned to the fall

In the interim since my last post, Hurricane Katrina has struck the Gulf coast, and chaos is the word of the day in New Orleans. The high winds and water have exposed the truth about the Bush administration, that they are inept at doing the one thing they claim to be good for - providing security. It's not a failure far off in a Middle Eastern country, where they're also failing, but at home in the streets of one of America's oldest cities. Let's recap - the Federal Emergency Management Agency head (nominated by the President) is an ex-horse breeder, and is doing as well as expected with his vast credentials. He's fallen on his sword, and been removed from overseeing the disaster. Police and the military are beginning to forcibly remove residents who have decided to stay in the city, even though there is no constitutional power to do so. Maybe they'll treat the residents with the same kindness they've extended to reporters and photographers. The administration has tried to prevent the press coverage of dead bodies. They keep telling the public that there are enough soldiers at home to provide, but Blackwater (a guns-for-hire "military contractor" - read mercenaries) is also in the streets, carrying automatic rifles, while citizens with constitutional rights to firearms are having theirs confiscated. The Red Cross is not allowed into New Orleans, but hired guns are? This points to the bold truth that the Bush administration believes that security comes out of the barrel of a gun and silencing the press - even at home when not attacked by terrorist, when medical supplies, food and sound planning would have been the best solution.